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Breaking the Shackles of a Dysfunctional Family

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How a Couple Rewrote their Stories to have a Thriving Relationship She came from a family where her father left when she was 5.   She was the oldest of three siblings.  Her mother was mostly in a state of overwhelm and she became the “responsible” child.  Her mother remarried and she grew close to him.  However, he passed away when she was 14 and it was devastating to her. She continued being in the role of the responsible child....

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Breaking Free from the 5 Dysfunctional Roles

Breaking Free from the 5 Dysfunctional Roles

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Part 2 of the Dysfunctional Roles article Two weeks ago, I wrote an article describing 5 roles that people inherit when they come from dysfunctional families. Of course, you may personally come up with more roles; I just listed the ones I see that are most common. In this article, I copied and pasted the description of each role from the previous article and then underneath I describe ways you can break the chains of those roles to become more…

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Dysfunctional Families

Dysfunctional Families: How To Deal with Scapegoating and Projection

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Scapegoating and projection are very common scenarios in dysfunctional families. Just what is scapegoating and projection? It happens when members of your family don't own their own stuff and project it on other family...maybe you!  You know the feeling...you get together for a big family gathering and you don't end up enjoying yourself because of someone in your family? In this video Todd covers the signs of scapegoating, a story of how scapegoating and projection affected him personally. Watch the...

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Growing Up In a Dysfunctional Family

Growing Up In a Dysfunctional Family: 5 Possible Roles You May have Inherited

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In a dysfunctional family, one or more of the parents or siblings had some issues that they did not deal with in healthy ways.  Instead, the rest of the family had to adapt to survive and make sense of the family.  If you came from a dysfunctional family, then neither you nor any of your family members could escape this adaptation. This adaptation can be thought of as a role.  As you know from a job role, it is limited….

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Adult Children of Alcoholics

Adult Children of Alcoholics: 10 Keys to Go From Dysfunctional Family to Thriving

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I am writing today about adults who grew up with one or more alcoholic parents. Growing up in a family like this means usually that you grew up in either some kind of chaos or neglect or both.  Since that was the family you grew up in, it may feel “normal’” and it may at first be hard to notice the effects.  However, here are just some of the possible effects of living in an alcoholic home: You are very…

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My Siblings and I Never Talk_7 Tips to Heal and Deal

My Siblings and I Never Talk: 7 Tips to Heal and Deal

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Is your family close? Do you have at least one sibling that you communicate with on a regular basis? If you do, that is wonderful because having good relations with your family can cushion you against the stresses of life as well as help you rejoice in the good times. Being with family members who celebrate holidays together, get together consistently and are there for emotional support has been shown to increase emotional and physical wellbeing. However, what if that…

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3 More Signs You Came from a Dysfunctional Family

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Two years ago, I came out with a video blog- Seven Signs You Came From a Dysfunctional Family. Apparently, it has resonated with many people as indicated by the high number of views. Feel free to watch it here.  I want to add three more “signs” to the list because we tend to blame ourselves or our partner for things that may have been patterns we learned in our family of origin. This month I will be writing and talking…

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How To Stop Your Family From Pulling Your Chains

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How to not let family members or anyone for that matter pull your chains Your family doesn’t have to yank your chains during the holidays or anytime you get together for that matter.   Watch this short video where Todd shows you how to keep those happy feelings even when someone says something that pushes your buttons. Here’s to keeping your family celebrations happy!    

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Healing from sexual trauma

Healing from Sexual Trauma

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Many clients come to see me because of symptoms due to either molest, rape or other sexual trauma.  Two weeks ago, I talked about types of sexual trauma and last week I talked about how sexual trauma can affect sexuality.  This article, though brief will succinctly describe some of the things I do and recommend to help people heal from sexual trauma.  Here are 7 keys to healing from sexual trauma: 1)   Relationships are very important.  Having loved ones, or…

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How to overcome your dysfunctional family

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Think you might have a dysfunctional family or wondering how to overcome yours? In this video Todd shares how to recognize if your family is dysfunctional.  And he shares some insightful tips that will help you change your self sabotaging behaviors. So grab a piece of paper, watch this short video, jot down a few notes then practice what Todd tells you to do and free yourself from your dysfunctional family. Not 100% sure you have a dysfunctional family? I…

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