Healing from Trauma: Getting Past Your Past

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Relationships struggle from time to time; it happens. However, if you or a loved one consistently are impeded in your emotional well-being, you might be suffering from trauma. It can be trauma from your childhood, more recent, or even from your relationship itself. No matter how difficult, healing can happen. Check out the latest technique I’ve been learning about that helps quickly erase the effects of living the pain over and over again, and helps you get back to the…

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7 Ways To Make Sure Your Partner Will Leave You

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One thing I have learned as a marriage and sex therapist is that our role models have fallen short in instructing us how to have a thriving marriage.  It’s not their fault; they just did not know. The good news is that there are guides “out there” and resources inside of each one of us that could help us experience the committed relationship we would love to have.  So read between the lines in this article! Here are 7 ways…

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