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Break Free and Overcome Your Dysfunctional Family

How to overcome your dysfunctional family

The ability to break free and overcome our dysfunctional families is within your power.

Watch this short video I created for where I give you hope that it is possible to break free from the chains that are holding you back from being your authentic self.    If you took over the role of care-taking as a child or find yourself choosing partners as an adult who need to be taken care of you’ll want to watch this video.


When you are able to break free, you’ll hear your inner voice, tap into your intuition, feelings and desires so you can be more of who you really are.

You’ll also find yourself:

  • Being more playful
  • Asking for you want rather than always giving
  • Able to express yourself freely
  • Able to deal with the toxic people in your life in a healthy way.

Finally Create the life You Deserve

Get realistic advice on how to start the healing process

You’ll feel validated and ready to take more steps to become healthier and learn how to love yourself.

Todd sheds a brilliant light on the act of forgiveness, and how the general concept of “total forgiveness” is not always best with dysfunctional families

Transition into a better life, finally shed the burden from childhood.

The Dysfunctional Family Online Program will get you there.

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