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[VIDEO] When is it okay to stay after infidelity

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So...your partner cheated and you're upset, humiliated, sad and experiencing a lot mixed feelings. Part of you might want to stay and part of you might want to just walk away from this horrible mess. That's totally understandable... In this video I've created for you below, I address the question of when it's OK to stay and work things out. Grab your FREE copy of the 10 Steps to Healing from Infidelity here:  http://toddcreager.com/infidelity-freebie/ And know I'm here to help if you or...

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Why Self Care Is The Number One Thing You Must Do

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If you want to be successful in your life and your relationship(s), then you MUST practice self care. I see a lack of self care as a major factor that is destroying our bodies and our relationships!  Watch this short video where I give my best tips for practicing self care. I want you to pick one thing that I suggest in this video, try it out and let me know how it goes! So tell me what's going to...

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Marriage Monogamy and Fidelity: Where to Draw the Line

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Where Should You Draw The Line When it Comes to Marriage Monogamy and Fidelity? Often times there are gray areas but there is one place where you MUST draw the line in your relationship. Watch the video to find out what that is and how to deal  successfully with common situations that arise in many relationships. Here’s my bottom line when it comes to Marriage Monogamy and Fidelity: Make sure you have a solid marriage/relationship and that you do everything…

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Create a New Positive Family Legacy

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Family! Ever find your parents’ voice coming out of your mouth? Do you find yourself recreating the same patterns with your partner or children? Are you longing to have a different relationship with your family?  Sometimes, it seems that nothing will ever change. But, you have the ability to change EVERYTHING. By making a few adjustments in how YOU deal with your past, you will liberate your family to a new way of being! Watch this video for a quick, powerful list of 5…

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Vacation with Your Partner

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Do you remember how it was in the beginning of your relationship? Everything was sizzling, and you hung on every word of your partner; you were in the delight of discovering more about each other. Do you miss those feelings of connection? I have a super simple way to reconnect and rekindle with each other. All you have to do is take a vacation everyday with your partner.  What? Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have to live in Tahiti and abandon…

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Healing from Trauma: Getting Past Your Past

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Relationships struggle from time to time; it happens. However, if you or a loved one consistently are impeded in your emotional well-being, you might be suffering from trauma. It can be trauma from your childhood, more recent, or even from your relationship itself. No matter how difficult, healing can happen. Check out the latest technique I’ve been learning about that helps quickly erase the effects of living the pain over and over again, and helps you get back to the…

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Why Women Cheat

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I’ve been helping couples survive and thrive after infidelity for 30+ years in my practice. Over the years I have noticed that there is a difference between why women cheat and why men cheat.  Watch the video below where I explain the three reasons why women cheat. I have one piece of advice for women:  don’t be afraid to communicate with your partner and tell him what you need.  Looking for more resources on infidelity?  Check out my infidelity resource…

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Communication: Bickering, Yelling, Withdrawing, and Suppressing

By | Communication Tips & Advice, Conflict Resolution, Family Relationships Tips & Advice, Long Hot Marriage, Love advice, Marriage Tips & Advice, Relationship Advice, Toxic Relationship Tips & Advice, Videos | 2 Comments

Ever have a simple item of discussion turn into a multiple hour fight? What should have been a simple chat, becomes another battle; and by the end of it, you’re no closer together. I see it all the time with the couples I help. It comes down to a few styles of communication that are standing in the way of smooth sailing.  Watch this video to find out what kind of dynamic is going on in your home. And of…

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Sexuality Through the Years

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Sexuality is an important aspect for us throughout our lives. Watch this video to see how it evolves through the decades. I cover the transitions of life before kids, through kids, physiological changes, on up to maintaining a sexual connection with your partner past the 80s! I’ve included some tips to help the transitions through the many happy years to come. Here’s to getting the love you want!

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How to Find a Soul Mate

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The idea of a soul mate is often described with words such as destiny, fate, true love, etc. But, those descriptors are a bit vague. What makes a person a soul mate anyway? Watch this video for concrete answers on how to know who is your soul mate along with a practical test to find out for sure. Here’s to getting the love you want!

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