What a 31 Year Marriage has Taught Me About Romance

What a 31 Year Marriage has Taught Me About Romance

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I have been married 31 and a half years to the day. I just calculated that to be 11,504 days, 276,096 hours and 16,565,760 minutes. OMG- I do not know if I should have done that; I feel a little older than before I took out my iPhone calculator. The point of this is that with all that time that has gone by, I have learned a thing or two about romance even though I am sure that there is…

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Marriage Monogamy and Fidelity: Where to Draw the Line

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Where Should You Draw The Line When it Comes to Marriage Monogamy and Fidelity? Often times there are gray areas but there is one place where you MUST draw the line in your relationship. Watch the video to find out what that is and how to deal  successfully with common situations that arise in many relationships. Here’s my bottom line when it comes to Marriage Monogamy and Fidelity: Make sure you have a solid marriage/relationship and that you do everything…

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Romance is a state of mind

Romance is a State Of Mind

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When people think of romance, people think of buying flowers or planning a romantic date. Those are great actions that are at least potentially romantic. But what is romance really? Romance is a state of mind! It is a way of looking at your partner, life and even the world in such a manner that allows you to savor whatever is good in your life. Romance is nothing more than savoring your partner and the gifts of your intimate relationship….

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Keys to a Long Hot Marriage

Keys to a Long Hot Marriage: How I Create Novelty in My Intimate Relationship

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As I write in my book The Long Hot Marriage, there are many keys to creating one.  Introducing novelty into the relationship is one of the many keys to doing that.  I am following up my Tuesday article with 5 ways I introduce novelty into my relationship.  Notice that adding novelty is not only about sex but also for sure adding novelty in your sex life is very important as well.  Novelty keeps things stimulating and fresh for the relationship…

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The Long Hot Marriage

My Book “The Long Hot Marriage” is NOT a Fairy Tale!

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How to have both relationship security and passion Last week, I wrote about the three stages of intimacy- the Lust Stage, The Romantic Stage and the Attachment Stage.  Each stage comes with its own purpose, accompanying hormones and neurotransmitters and emotional states.  You can always read that article which is titled- Evolutionary Psychology and Lust, Romance and Attachment on my website.  Is it possible to have the passion and excitement of the earlier stages with the security and “calm” of…

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Evolutionary Psychology and Lust, Romance and Attachment

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The three different brain pathways of intimacy Modern research on couples has shown that there are three types of intimacy in relationships all with different brain pathways, different body chemicals involved and different energies.  Lust happens in the very beginning of most courtships.  This stage lasts roughly about 6 months of a new relationship.  Romantic love may follow if there is good physical or emotional chemistry between two people.  This stage lasts roughly about 4 years, which evolutionary principles state…

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Todd’s Secrets for A Sexy Relationship

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We’ve all been there. After the HOT beginnings of a relationship, things tend to simmer down, and eventually cool off. It’s totally natural but not unpreventable. If you want a little more sizzle, and less fizzle, watch these 5 easy ways to spark up your love life with your beloved. You can start making your relationship better, tonight!

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How To Recognize Intimacy Issues in Marriage

How To Recognize Intimacy Issues in Marriage

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Intimacy is about feeling close to your partner, especially after the courting period.  The courting period is a time when you feel close but you actually merge with your partner and forgot your individuality for a while.  As you rediscover your individuality, you tend to fall out of love (temporarily hopefully) and now have an opportunity to get to know yourself as an individual in a committed relationship and to get to know your partner as an individual in a…

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Utilizing Your Imagination for Dramatic Relationship Results in 2016

Shift Happens – Utilizing Your Imagination for Dramatic Relationship Results in 2016

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Here are 5 powerful steps to take to dramatically improve your relationship in 2016: 1)  Forget history; ok maybe you cannot forget, but do not define your partner by his or her past behavior.  That could be very limiting and keeps a couple stuck in old negative patterns. 2)  Focus on what you want from your partner, even if you never or seldom have received it.  Imagine your partner giving you what you want. 3)  Thank your partner in advance…

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Time To Celebrate your Relationship and Open Up to Love

It’s Time To Celebrate your Relationship and Open Up to Love

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CELEBRATE!  One of my favorite words.  The Merriam-Webster definition of ‘celebrate’ is: to do something special or enjoyable for an important event, occasion, holiday, etc. to praise (someone or something) : to say that (someone or something) is great or important This is the season that is most marked by celebration; many of the world’s religions have holidays to celebrate and of course we had Thanksgiving at the end of November and December ends with the celebration of the welcoming…

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