Bring the Best Out of Others

Relationship Mastery: Bring the Best Out of Others

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You are a powerful interpersonal center of influence.   It only takes ONE in a relationship to bring the best out of others.  It doesn’t matter if this is a personal or a more casual relationship.  You have the power. In other words, you have the ability to affect others in both negative and positive ways.  You are not a neutral force; it is impossible to be neutral.  Think of a time when you were at a social event and there…

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Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein- Sex Addict or Power Hungry Narcissist

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Reportedly, Harvey Weinstein is off to sex rehab.   Maybe that is true or maybe he is on a vacation at some resort.  Whatever it is, there is something amiss here.   First, addict is a misleading word.   Many in my field have mixed feelings about that word.   It implies that he had no control.  It also implies that the center issue was around a lack of control over his sexual impulses.  I don’t believe that was the central…

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surviving marital affairs and intimacy issues

Interview: Overcoming a marital affair and intimacy issues

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I was recently interviewed by The Child Law Help Center about how to build an improved relationship after a marital affair and/or intimacy issues. In it I discuss the two main reasons why couples contact me for help: Lack of intimacy in the relationship Infidelity You'll want to check out the entire article to see what I have to say about the factors leading up to both situations, and my opinion on whether or not I think the relationship can...

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