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What America gets wrong about Sex


There are a number of things that America gets wrong about sex and I will be going over them to help you “right these wrongs” over the next bunch of weeks.  Here is one that for this week:

Americans think we have our act together when it comes to sex!

This is a myth and it is a myth that leads us to not learn new things or be open to changing up what we do in the bedroom.  God forbid, we should find out that our partner would like us to do something different.  It must mean we are sexually inadequate!

Challenge this idea; develop what the Buddhists call “Beginner’s mind,” allowing you to learn and enjoy being a sexual novice.  You may ask your partner to teach you how to do something in the bedroom with him or her that is pleasing and that you have not done before.  Be open and I would go so far to say- enjoy being awkward!

Being clumsy in the bedroom is not a sin.  If accepted, we can learn how to have a more sexually satisfying relationship with our intimate partner!

Here’s to getting the love you want!

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