Hot Monogamy- 3 Surefire Ways to Spark Your Relationship

When I wrote my book, “The Long Hot Marriage,” my brother exclaimed- “Oh, you wrote a fairy tale!”  It was a funny line but let me tell you something- The Long Hot Marriage is no fairy tale!  Hot monogamy is a reality and here are 3 ways to make sure you experience this wonderful gift of a long, passionate relationship:

1)   Dare to leave your comfort zone often.  Your ancestors basically did not do this with their partners.  Take a chance; reveal something about yourself; do something novel with your partner.  Get more comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Be a maverick.  You already know that the success you have had in other areas of your life would not have happened without some risking.

2)   Practice seeing the best in your partner and compliment him or her often.  Find ways to like your partner.  Accept your partner’s flaws and fully enjoy his or her strengths. 

3)   This is related to number 1 but more specific.  Take an honest look at your mindset about sex.  Do you have any hang-ups or holdbacks?  (We all have some).   You do need to hold onto your integrity; in other words- don’t do anything that is against your deepest principles or morals.  However, be willing to express your sexuality more than before.  Stretch in this area.  Be more open and fluid in your mindset.  Experiment in this area with your partner.

I want to mention two more things.  First- this all only happens if you take some time to work on yourself and your relationship.  You need to do something different to create something different and hot monogamy is totally possible as long as you do the steps.  Second- if you feel blocks in one or more of these steps, please contact me so that I can help you remove the obstacles so that you may have the relationship of your dreams.   

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